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Sobriety In The Social Environment

I have the right to say No to a drink or drug & respect myself for doing so.   Then, family and friends may also respect me.

I can have fun and pleasure without using.

I can socialize and have sober conversations in a relaxed manner.

Being sober is one way to help me solve my problems with others.

I cultivate friends who have interests other than using.

I avoid situations where people are using excessively such as bars, taverns and liquor stores.

If I attend a party where alcohol or drugs are used, I will have water, soda, coffee, tea or say no thanks I don’t use or I don’t drink.

If I am in a situations where using is occurring and I have an urge to use,  I have a choice to leave that situation.

I can contact a person by phone who understands my problem and can discuss it with me.

I can contact my A.A. or N.A. sponsor or a sober support friend before I use.   My support can talk me though the urge until the urge subsides.

Talking with someone about my urge to use, with the focus on the painful consequences, beyond the desire relief or euphoria, can help lift the urge.

Sober Feelings & Emotions

I am worthy of sobriety.

Sobriety gives me a way to emotional freedom.

I have the right to feel all of my emotions, covering the range from loneliness and boredom to anger and resentment, to happiness and elation; and not drink or drug over any of them.

I give up my right to justify a relapse because of any emotional state or any emotional reaction.

I have the right to reward myself with sobriety as my reward for my success and achievements.

Emotionally, I grieve the loss of the euphoria; I surrender to the pain that chemical use has already caused me and could cause me again.

I practice H.A.L.T:  Don’t get too hungry, angry, lonely or tired.  I practice balanced living.