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Sobriety Questions

Can you socialize without the risk of relapsing?

How do you manage your stress and anxiety?

What are your risky people, places and situations that could trigger your relapse?

Can you ask for help easily?

Name some old behaviors that no longer serve you?

Can you avoid the need to create drama?

Can you tell the truth about your addiction?

Sobriety In Your Thinking

Decide each morning that today I will not use.

Remind yourself that I don’t use.

Every day I recharge my sobriety commitment

I only tackle one day of sobriety at a time.

I have the right not to think about using.

I stay sober because being sober is in my best interest.

I visualize myself being chemical free.

I remember that even using one time is too many.

If I do get an urge to use,  I think of the consequences and pain that will follow.

I remember, each day, the pain I used to be in when I was actively using, and feel grateful I am not feeling pain today.

I remind myself of the agonies I suffered when using and the many blessings of sobriety.

I remember that denial thinking can cause me to relapse, nothing else.

I keep an awareness of my denial thinking so this does not trigger a relapse.

Remember the times when you don’t want to use are the times in which you are building up the strength not to use.

Develop and rehearse a daily plan of thinking and acting by which you will live that day without using, regardless of what may upset you or how hard the urge to use my hit you.

There must be no reservation of any kind nor any lurking notion that someday I will be immune to my substance of choice.



Sober Behaviors

Sobriety is my top priority today.

I don’t take a drink or drug today.

I have a choice to stay sober.

I can stay sober under all circumstances today.

No matter how good or bad my life becomes, using is not an option.

There is no problem in life, that using will solve.

Just because I have an urge to use, does not mean I have to satisfy it.  The urge will pass.

Just because using may appear to be desirable, does not mean I have to desire it.   Desire will pass.

The urge to use can become overwhelming, but the urge itself, cannot hurt me.

Using can be devastating to me.

As a non-user,  I take the responsible choice and remain sober.

Look for the positives about being sober.