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Safer Hair Dye Options by Cortney Campbell

Here are some great, SAFER options for hair color:

Organic Hair Salons: With the popularizing of natural beauty products, there are now more accessible organic hair color salons. Typically organic hair color is going to be more expensive than a standard coloring, but your health of course is so worth 30 more bucks. These salons are typically using hair color that bleaches the hair with a hydrogen-peroxide base instead of an ammonia or bleach base which is much MUCH better for the hair and your internal environment. I found an organic hair salon in my area by a quick google search: “organic hair color + (my city) Atlanta”. Aviary Salon is very popular in the A-T-L and provides organic hair color services and a rockin’ haircut too.

Aveda Products: I think Aveda products are a nice middle ground for people wanting to do better for their bodies and who don’t have an organic salon in their area. Aveda salons are also located EVERYWHERE so they are easy to access and are moderately affordable. I also like that their products are free of parabens, phthalates, and sodium lauryl sulfate. What would be a best bet would be using an Aveda hair color (which still uses ammonia but is a better quality product), but use Balayage techniques (see below) to reduce exposure to the skin and how often you need to get your hair colored.

Balayage Highlights: My favorite and most time and cost efficient way to get my hair colored is by getting Balayage highlights. You can see this French technique in the picture above. It uses the same chemicals as standard salon hair color, but it is applied away from the scalp with a paintbrush. Your hair grows out more naturally without leaving a “line” where new hair grows out. It is more expensive than other highlighting techniques such as foiling because they last longer and and take longer to apply in some cases. Here’s my favorite Atlanta salon, Siggers Hairdressers that specializes in Balayage (and even teaches it there) where I go to get my hair colored every 4-6 months (reducing my exposure to these chemicals.) A google search in your area for “balayage + your city” should give you some options.

More Natural Home Coloring: If you are dying your hair a darker color, you have much more non-toxic options in natural hair dyes. The Detoxinista did a great post on Henna hair dyes HERE. There are also tons of boxed varieties at Whole Foods or online. Just make sure to check the ingredients first. The EWG’s Skin Deep website has a listing of hair dyes from most natural to horrible…and most of them were REALLY horrible. Check those out HERE and search for your at-home hair dye.

Source: By Cortney Campbell,  www.greendrinkdiaries.com