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The Daily Detox

Cancer is on the rise due to an increasing amounts of toxins in our environment.    Our body is working over time to eliminate the  chemicals and toxins we are exposed to everyday.  It is very important to detox daily to maintain vibrant health and to support your liver, kidneys, and spleen.

Simple ways you can detox:

Drink Green Tea

Steam Rooms

Far Infrared Sauna

Drink plenty of purified water

Eat organic,  non-GMO foods

Sweat out toxins through exercise

Reduce your sugar intake

Skin Brushing

Eat lots of fiber & Leafy Greens

Install  a water purifying system in your shower and kitchen faucet

Get an air purifier

Plants act as natural air filters

Use only organic, non-toxic cleaning products

Purchase clean health and beauty products

Avoid drinking out of plastic bottles.   Use glass and stainless steel instead.

Avoid aerosol sprays in your home such as air fresheners, hair spray, Lysol.

Don’t paint your toenails or finger nails, it is very toxic.

Toxic build up in the body increases weight gain.  Toxins weaken all the body systems, can disrupt hormones, weakens the immune system, causes the  body to become overly acidic and creates disease.  By making these simple changes you can stay healthy.