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The 7 Spiritual Laws Of Relationship by Paul Ferrini

1. Commitment: Decide between you what kind of commitment you want.

2. Sharing: Shared vision, shared values, shared interests, shared lifestyle, shared commitment.

3. Growth: Both people must be free to grow and express themselves as individuals.

4. Communication: Honest, non-blaming communication. The goal of communication is not to improve or fix anyone.
It is to tell the truth and hear the truth.

5. Mirroring: What we don’t like about our partner reflects back to us what we don’t like and can’t accept about ourselves.

6. Taking Responsibility: For your thoughts, feelings and experiences.

7. Forgiveness: Practice forgiveness of ourselves and our partner moment to moment.

Source: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Relationship, a guide to Growth and Happiness for Couples on the Path.
By Paul Ferrini