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Third Year Recovery Tasks

The depth of joy and misery can be profound.

The need to go back and redo some earlier recovery tasks.

Learning to avoid the creation of drama in your life.

Your outer world is beginning to reflect the inner world.

Connections are made to a wider circle of people both in and out of recovery.

There is an increase in honesty.

Second Year Recovery Tasks

Identify old behaviors that don’t feel right anymore.

Emotional Detox.

Changes in verbal attitude, feeling and behavior.

An increase in the quality of physical health.

An increase in the ability to tolerate feelings.

Beginning to make distinctions between and among feeling states.

An increase in commitment to working on recovery.

First Year Recovery Tasks

Staying Clean and Sober no matter what.

Learning about addiction.

Physical detox and stabilization.

Learning to socialize in healthy ways in a group setting.

Breaking the pattern of being alone.

Having healthy role models.

Stress management.

Staying away from risky places, people, and situations.

Being responsible

Learning to ask for help and support.

What Louise Hay says about addictions: Running from the self.  Fear.  Not knowing how to love the self.

Affirmation:  I now discover how wonderful I am.    I choose to love and enjoy myself.

Addictions numb the heart to pain, but they also diminish its capacity to love.  Addictions become a barrier to moving forward toward true emotional intimacy.   By Doreen Virtue.