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Prayer Works

Many well-documented studies have supported the healing power of prayer.  There is evidence that the more people who pray for a cause, the better the outcome.   Regardless of the type of denomination of the prayer.   Pray for the best possible outcome.  The answer to your prayer is usually better and different from what you may expect.   Instead of worrying, pray.  Give thanks in advance knowing that your prayers are heard and answered.

This Source is from Doreen Virtue, The Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle

Teachings From The Art Of Spiritual Peace Making

Stepping Forward in Power
What is power? To the world you created in your imagination, power is the ability to assert your will over another person or the environment itself. Everything in this world that claims to be true is actually the opposite of what is really true.   The world’s ideas of power is in reality the definition of powerlessness, simply because it is based upon a  false foundation: that you can decrease another person’s power and, in doing so, increase your own.   In reality, decreasing another person’s power is the same as decreasing your own.   Therefore, the opposite must also be true: increasing another person’s power increases yours.   Give everything to everything.   You are here to be truly happy, and that will only happen as you make others happy.   If you want love, give love and you will have love.  Give love with out discretion to everyone.

Source: The Art Of Spiritual Peace Making by James F. Twyman



In A Japanese Garden by Charmaine Aserappa

Be the still pool.

Let your face reflect the glory and wonder.

Be the dragonfly, silent but joyful.

Be the bud, prepare to blossom.

Be the tree, grant shelter.

Be the butterfly, accept the riches of the moment.

Be the moth, seek the light.

Be the lantern, guide the lost.

Be the path. Open the way for another.

Be the wind chime.  Let the breeze blow through you.

Turn the storms into song.

Be the rain. Wash away, cleanse, forgive.

Be the grass. Grow back when you are trod upon.

Be the bridge, reach in peace toward the other side.

Be the moss.  Temper your strength with softness and mercy.

Be the soil, bear fruit.

Be the gardener, create order.

Be the temple.  Let the spirit dwell in you.

Become the seasons, welcome change.

Be the moon, shine through the darkness.

Be the pebble.  Let time shape and smooth you.

Be the leaf. Fall gracefully when your time comes to let go.

Trust in the circle. To end is to begin.


Message From The Emissaries Of Light

There are two simple truths you need to accept if our are to move effortlessly into the New World, the world which is based on the laws of love. The first message is YOU ARE READY.   You are ready to release the fearful beliefs that have kept you bound to the concept of separation.  You are ready to accept the reality of love that is the foundation of your existence.   And you are ready to give love to everyone in every way, for that is the only way you will fully experience it for yourself.

The second message is YOU ARE HOLY.  Who you really are is beyond the scope of your imagination.   If you are one with the divine pulse of creation, then you are also one with the holiness of God.  When you realize this, when you begin to perceive this truth within everyone you meet, including yourself, then the world will change by itself.   You are holy, and that cannot change.   When you accept that you are ready, and that the truth in you is the very essence of holiness, then you will recognize the next teacher, The messenger of Love.   It is this teacher who will take you through the door of eternity, to the very seat of the soul.

Source: The Emissaries Of Light by James Twyman


The Seven Pathways To Peace

You are always praying; thought itself is prayer.

Whatever you focus your mind on increases.

To change the world, change your thoughts about the world.

If you want to experience peace, become peace.

Peace is always present, though it is sometimes hidden.

Love is the only force in the universe.

The world is already healed.

Source: Praying Peace by James Twyman, Gregg Braden and Doreen Virtue