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Top 20 Things To Avoid For Vibrant Health

C: Carbonated Drinks

R: Refined Sugars

A: Artificial Foods

P: Processed Foods

Avoid Smoking

Alcohol in moderation

Reduce Sugar Intake

Avoid Junk Food & Fast Food

Eat Less Meat & Dairy

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Avoid GMO Foods and Non-Organic Foods

Avoid Toxic Cleaning Products & Healthy & Beauty Products

Avoid Using Microwave Ovens

Avoid Drinking Tap Water

Avoid Using Street Drugs

Caution When Using Prescription Medications: They can be highly addictive and have a wide range of harmful side-effects.  They can cause chronic inflammation and increase acidity in the body.  Ask your Naturopathic Doctor for a healthy, natural alternative.


Avoid These Foods

The Following Foods have a high level of toxic chemicals:

Farm Raised Salmon

All GMO foods

Ractopamine-tainted meat

Flame Retardant Drinks like Mountain Dew

The synthetic chemical Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO)

Soy Products

Canola Oil

Chicken containing arsenic

Pink Slime

Food Dyes

Food preservatives


Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH)and rBst  found in milk and dairy products

Corn fed beef

Canned Tomatoes

All Microwaved Foods

Refined White Sugar and Refined White flour

Hydrogenated Oils

Fried Food

Barbecued Food

Processed Meats with Sodium Nitrate like: bacon, hot dogs, lunch meat, sausage


Diet Foods & Drinks that have artificial sweeteners like: sucralose, spenda, saccharin, nutra-sweet, aspartame

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Non-Organic Meats

Doritos: You can use as fire starter


Vegetable Oil

Microwave Popcorn

Table Salt

Conventional Cereals are GMO, Wheaties has metals in it and you can pick up with a magnet.