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Healing From Divorce

Self-Acceptance of Divorce: Denial is the first step to work through because of all the negative feeling and emotions associated with divorce.

Rejection/Guilt: The person that was rejected feels more rejection while the other person may feel guilt.

Loneliness:  You didn’t realize that so many of your daily living habits revolved around him/her.   You may wonder how can I face life alone?  It may be hard to sleep alone at first and you may experience insomnia.

Grief: Grief from divorce is similar to experiencing  a death of a loved one.

Self-Concept: Self images are built socially.   Ending a marriage can be hard on your self-esteem temporarily.

Friends:  Friends can be helpful for support.   Friends may change and this is a time to develop new friendships.

Feeling Loveable: You may think “I have failed in this marriage, therefore, I am unlovable.   This is not true.   You are always loveable no matter what.

Disentanglement: A time to move on and create a new life for yourself.

Anger: You may be consumed with anger.   It is helpful to find healthy ways to express your anger.   Counseling can be helpful.

Trust: It may feel safer to be reclusive since you don’t want to get burned again.

Aliveness: You eventually begin to feel alive again after feeling numb for so long.   You find that now you can trust your feelings and act on them in a positive way.

Singleness: It feels good to have your own living habits without having to conform to another’s style of living.   You are starting to feel good about being single.

Freedom: You find the freedom to be yourself.   You can make a choice between remaining single or start dating again.

Source: Dr. W. R. Hinson, Ph.D