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Cancer Health Tips

In the Book Killing Cancer, Not People, Robert Wright defines cancer as an electrical disturbance in the body.  Other factors include: oxygen deprivation, dehydration, lack of circulation, cellular intoxification. and a lack of electrical flow that results  in cell mutation.   Sugar, being overly acidic and fermentation are linked to cancer.   Fresh air, ionized water, exercise, sunlight, enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and high doses of vitamin A reduces tumors.  Sea salt baths are good for detoxification.  Selenium is a good cancer fighting mineral.   Avoid overly acidic foods like white bread, white rice, white sugar, black pepper, coffee, eggs.   Peanuts, corn and cashews should be avoided due to fungus and molds.

IPT therapy is a lower dose of chemotherapy.   However, the cancer cells that remain become super cells that are chemo resistant.   I would also  avoid hyperthermia treatments.   That is where your body temperature is raised to a very high and dangerous level which can cause other problems.

A good supplement to take is Cellect.   It has vitamins, minerals, shark cartilage, milk thistle and gelatin.  For breast cancer don’t take milk thistle or Zinc.   You can order it at www.cellect.org.  Magnesium is called the miracle mineral.   A good source is www.ancient-minerals.com They have a line of ultra pure magnesium.

Glutathione is a master anti-oxidant.  It cranks up the immune system.   I like to use glutathione patches by  Lifewave.  It is called Y-age Glutathione. www.lifewave.com

The Navarro Urine test is the most accurate measure of cancer and how much cancer you have in your body.   It was designed by Dr. Manuel Navarro.   You can order these kits for $39.99 for 2 tests.   go to www.joeballcompany.com

Source: Killing Cancer, Not People by Robert Wright