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The Top Ten Family Stressors

Financial problems

Children’s behavior

Poor communication with your partner and your children

Not enough couple time

Unclear responsibilities for household duties

Neglecting your needs

Too much time for your self, Too much family time

Sexual problems

Problems with In-laws

Addiction to Drugs & Alcohol



Say Goodbye to Stress

The effects of stress on your body: Ulcers, allergies, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, headaches, lack of energy, irritability, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, burnout and depression.

Ways to reduce your stress:

Recognize things that stress you out

Take a break

Have a positive attitude

Prioritize what is important

Build healthy relationships

Be flexible during times of change

Be assertive

Get enough sleep


Eat a healthy diet

Take time to play

Spend time in nature

Spend time with pets

Listen to soothing music

Deep breathing

Phone a friend

Play music



Go out to a movie, lunch, coffee…….

Take time to create

Do what you love to do

Be in the present moment






The Six Human Needs

The Six Human Needs


1. Certainty: The need for stability, security, comfort and to feel confident that you can avoid pain and gain pleasure.


2. Uncertainty/Variety: The need for change, new stimuli and the for the unknown.


3. Significance: The need to feel important, special, unique or needed.


4. Love/Connection: The need to belong and to feel closeness with someone or something.


5. Growth: The need to expand, learn and grow.


6. Contribution: The need to give beyond oneself and to support others.