Conscious Spending

You are a powerful consumer. Spend wisely by supporting companies that are ethical.

Check for the following qualities:

Dolphin Safe

The product is not tested on animals

Seafood Sustainability

Responsible for animal welfare

Responsible farming practices

Gives back to the local community

Responsible environmental practices

Label Transparency

Certified Organic

Verified Non-GMO

Employees are treated well and are paid good wages.




Lakes of Prescott

Prescott has several lakes that are great for hiking, kayaking, fishing & picnics. All parks are free on Wednesdays.

Lynx & Goldwater Lakes are stocked with Trout several times per year.

Watson Lake: Hwy 89, $3.00 per day, kayak rentals.

Willow Lake: Willow Lake Road, $3.00 per day

Lynx Lake: Walker Road, $5.00 per day, electric motor boats & kayaks

Granite Basin Lake: $5.00 per day, The smallest lake in town.

Gold Water Lake: S. Mt. Vernon St. to Senator Hwy, $3.00 per day fee, kayak rentals.

Stages of Grief by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

1. Denial: You dig your heels in and refuse to accept that something has changed.

2. Anger: You are angry at people or institutions, at the audacity of life, or God for handing us something different from what we want.

3. Bargaining: You try to make a deal with life, the universe, God or a higher power, hoping to get what you want.

4. Depression: You feel that everything is futile and you sense your underlying helplessness.

5. Acceptance: Often only after we have exhausted each of the former responses are we ready to accept that change has occurred.

Choices for Healthy Living