Interesting Facts About Soy

The problem with Soy:  Most soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified.

Soybeans are grown on farms that use pesticides and herbicides. 

Soy products can increase the risk of breast cancer, increase brain damage, contribute to thyroid disorders, promote kidney stones, weakens the immune system, can cause food allergies and accelerated brain weight loss. 

Soy is carcinogenic and can cause DNA and chromosome damage.

Before 1930’s the only place that soy was found was in paint and varnish.  

Soybeans are not safe to eat.  First they are subject to acid baths and extreme heat.

To improve the taste MSG, preservatives, emulsifiers and synthetic nutrients are added.

Soybeans contain a high level of aluminum absorbed from the soil that it is grown in.

Soy contains a high level of estrogen. 

Fermented soy products like miso, natto, tempeh and soy sauce do not contain the health risks of unfermented soy.


The Truth About Wearing A Bra

The truth about wearing a bra.  Wearing a bra impairs Lymph Drainage and can increase your risk of breast cancer. It also decreases melatonin production and increases your core body temperature.  Melatonin  is a powerful antioxidant and hormone that promotes good sleep, fights aging, boots the immune system and slows the growth of certain types of cancer, including breast cancer.  Studies have shown that The Aboriginals of Australia had no breast cancer.  Cultures that converted to wearing bras had an increase in breast cancer. 

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