Non-Toxic Oils For Your Skin

<Use coconut oil, walnut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, or olive oil as non-toxic skin lotion.

Avoid products that contain aluminum, parabens, phithalates, dyes, and propylene glycol.

Remove anti-bacterial soaps from your home.

Avoid wearing flame retardent clothing.

Avoid health & beauty products with triclosan and di-n-butyl.

Products that have long names that you can’t pronounce are most likely toxic.

If you can’t read it, you don’t need it.

Alkaline Levels

10 ways to keep your alkaline levels up:
1.   Exercise
2.   Eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds
3.   Drink plenty of purified water
4.   Avoid deep fried foods
5.   Avoid bleached, white foods
6.   Don’t skip meals
7.   Eat slowly and chew your food
8.   Avoid food dyes
9.   Avoid processed foods
10. Drink water with lemon

The Benefits Of Sunshine

Take off your sunglasses and get the maximum benefits of sunlight.  Sunglasses block out important rays of the light spectrum that the body needs for essential biological functions. Sunglasses can weaken your eyesight. Spend 20 minutes in the sun each day without sunscreen,  but not during midday sun.

The Benefits of Sunshine:
Sunlight is beneficial for over 165 diseases.
A most powerful, free & natural medicine
Improves metabolic rate
Can hlep with weight loss
Improved muscle development
Lowers blood Pressure
Reduces cholesterol
Balances blood sugar
Improves the body’s resistance to infections
Enhances the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood
Increases sex hormones
Improves resistance of the skin to infections
Reduces stress and depression

Choices for Healthy Living