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Conscious Spending

You are a powerful consumer. Spend wisely by supporting companies that are ethical.

Check for the following qualities:

Dolphin Safe

The product is not tested on animals

Seafood Sustainability

Responsible for animal welfare

Responsible farming practices

Gives back to the local community

Responsible environmental practices

Label Transparency

Certified Organic

Verified Non-GMO

Employees are treated well and are paid good wages.




Charge Up Your Batteries

Everyday we charge up our cell phones to ensure that we will have good phone service throughout the day.   Charge up your body daily to replenish your energy reserves.   Stress, toxins, anxiety, traffic and many things can drain our energy.   Energy and vitality are keys to vibrant health.  There are many ways we can recharge, replenish and rejuvenate ourselves.  Try a yoga, mediation, a nap, massage, taking a bath and taking walks are some great way to give you more energy.  Music, creative projects, quality time with friends, family and pets can make you feel good.  Caffeine and sugar can give you energy but it is only a quick fix.   Connecting with the Air, Earth, Fire & Water Elements can give you lasting energy in healthy ways.

Food: Use Food as medicine.  Food changes your mood.   It  can either give you energy or make you lethargic.   Eating plenty of nutrient dense foods like organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains can give you energy all day long.  Eating super foods can provide you with essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Air: Breathe in fresh clean air outside daily.   Focus on your breath to restore peace and balance.

Water: Drink at least 8 glasses of purified water per day out of glass bottles.  Take a shower daily.   In hot weather take 2 showers a day to cool off.  In the winter a nice warm bath can help you relax.  You are made up of over 75% water.   The body responds well to water therapies.    Water heals and purifies.

Fire: Heat up by exercising daily.   Get your heart pumping and sweat.  Spend some time in the sun every day with out sunscreen to get some natural vitamin D.  Feel the sun warm and energize you.   In cold weather eat warming foods to heat you up.   You can add more soups, stews and hot teas to your diet.  Garlic, onions, hot peppers, and hot sauces are beneficial for digestion.   In hot weather eat cooling foods like salads,  fruit smoothies, home-made juices and foods with a high water content.  Watermelon is a very cooling food.   Eat seasonally.

Earth:  Spend time in nature everyday.   Look at the beauty that surrounds you.  Stop and listen to the beautiful sounds in nature.    Nature sounds have a soothing effect on the entire body.  Standing on the Earth helps you to be grounded and centered.   Add flowers and plants to your home.  Flowers can cheer you up.   Plants can purify the air in your home.  Gardening is a great way to reduce stress and relax.


The Benefits Of Super Foods

The modern world challenges our bodies, our minds and overall health. Our busy and stressful lives combined with environmental stressors raise our need for quality nutrition and immune strength more than ever before.

But a well-balanced diet is not enough to achieve optimal health. We need more to thrive and reach our full potential.

Super foods are fundamental to your health and healing, your relationships and your overall passion for life. Adding super foods to your normal meal routine can make a BIG difference in all of these areas of your life.

Super Foods: Maca, Moringa, Goji Berries, Acai, Matcha Green Tea, Cocoa, Bee Pollen, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Quinoa, Spirulina, Sea Weed, Wheat Grass, Chlorella, Noni, Mangosteen & Manuka Honey.

Super Foods are excellent for helping:
– Inflammation
– Blood flow and circulation
– Cancer prevention and treatment
– Cardiovascular health
– Cellular repair and wound healing
– Detoxification
– Essential Fatty Acids (EFA)
– Eyesight
– Fatigue and exhaustion
– Digestion and gastrointestinal health
– Vitamin and mineral deficiency
– Hormonal balance
– Hypertension
– Immunity
– Mental clarity
– Skin and complexion
– Weight loss

Source: Dr. John Gray,