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The Benefits Of Sunshine

Take off your sunglasses and get the maximum benefits of sunlight.  Sunglasses block out important rays of the light spectrum that the body needs for essential biological functions. Sunglasses can weaken your eyesight. Spend 20 minutes in the sun each day without sunscreen,  but not during midday sun.

The Benefits of Sunshine:
Sunlight is beneficial for over 165 diseases.
A most powerful, free & natural medicine
Improves metabolic rate
Can hlep with weight loss
Improved muscle development
Lowers blood Pressure
Reduces cholesterol
Balances blood sugar
Improves the body’s resistance to infections
Enhances the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood
Increases sex hormones
Improves resistance of the skin to infections
Reduces stress and depression

The Truth About Wearing A Bra

The truth about wearing a bra.  Wearing a bra impairs Lymph Drainage and can increase your risk of breast cancer. It also decreases melatonin production and increases your core body temperature.  Melatonin  is a powerful antioxidant and hormone that promotes good sleep, fights aging, boots the immune system and slows the growth of certain types of cancer, including breast cancer.  Studies have shown that The Aboriginals of Australia had no breast cancer.  Cultures that converted to wearing bras had an increase in breast cancer.