Healing From the Inside Out

Nancy RusottiIn June of 2012, I could see and feel a hard painful lump on my right breast. That led me to have a thermogram in July. The nurse thought it was only a cyst but told me to follow up with my doctor. In December I had an ultrasound, mammogram, CT-Pet Scan and a MRI.  In January of 2013, I had a one hour surgery to remove the lump. The doctor called to tell me I had invasive ductal carcinoma which is a fancy name for breast cancer.

In March of 2013 I had a  second surgery.  My Doctor went into the existing site to clear the margins and took out two lymph nodes. My lymph nodes were clear.  Looking back on it, I would not have my lymph nodes taken out. When your lymph nodes are taken out it disrupts the flow of lymph and your body has to learn new pathways for the lymph to travel. The removal of my two lymph nodes caused axillary web syndrome where I could not straighten my arm all the way and had constant pain in my arm. The physical therapist had me do six sessions of physical therapy. My arm was now healed and I could get back on the water to enjoy kayaking.  When your lymph nodes are taken out you have to protect that arm.   Don’t have blood drawn or blood pressure taken on that arm.   If you get any cuts on that arm you need to take care of it right away due to an increased rate of infection.

My doctors strongly recommended that I do chemo.  Instead of choosing chemo, I changed my diet to eating all organic, nutrient dense foods.  I monitored my ph levels daily to increase my alkalinity levels. I took herbal tonics, supplements, did acupuncture, colonics and intensive detoxification.  I drank only  pure filtered  water out of glass bottles and used only stainless steel cookware. I put a water filter in my shower.  Alcohol, meat, dairy, bread, sugar and junk food were eliminated from my diet.  I increased my exercise level, got daily sunshine and fresh air.

I did do 10 radiation treatments in Sedona at the Verde Valley Medical Center to eliminate my severe neck pain. Radiation wasn’t so bad. I didn’t lose any hair. I was tired for several months and had an intense sore throat. The treatments included massage and reiki.

For detoxification I did a hair analysis test to identify the heavy metals in my body.   Next I did 10 sessions of Ozone IV Therapy.   I ate lots of leafy greens and took Zeolite, Chlorella and Wheat Grass.

For monitoring I did blood work, Pet Scans, X-rays and MRI’s. My naturopath had me get the following blood work: Serum zinc, circulation tumor cells, adrenal panel, high sensitivity C-reactive protein, and I had MRI’s every six months.

Other dietary recommendations included: nuts, seeds, raw sauerkraut, shitake mushrooms,  squash, yams, pumpkin and bone broth soup. Turmeric, ginger, garlic, fenugreek, along with Indian and Cajun spices which are anti-cancer.

All supplements that I took were muscle-tested first.   Additional supplements that I found helpful were: Cell food, IP-6 with Inositol, My Community by host defense containing 17 different species of mushrooms, Vitamin D3, and probiotics.

I did see my Oncologist once per month to get a bone hardening shot and an estrogen blocker shot. I took an estrogen blocker pill daily. I had blood work every month to monitor my cancer markers, kidney and liver functions.

I tried many natural protocols, to many to list. They were very expensive and did help, but the problem was I was looking outside of myself for solutions. It is only when I looked inside myself that true progress was made. I believe in miracles and I was blessed with miraculous healings on several occasions. Ultimately, God is in charge. With God all things are possible. I give all the credit to God.

People have cured themselves of many types of cancer using non-toxic, methods and also using a combination of western and holistic therapies.  When you eat life-sustaining nutrition and live a healthy lifestyle, you can stay healthy.  Organic foods are more expensive but they taste better and are better for you.     When you eat organic foods, drink pure water, exercise, rest, reduce your stress level and live in a positive environment then you will thrive.  The key is to remove toxins from your body, mind, emotions and your home. Cancer is not a death sentence. It is a wake up call to radically change your diet and lifestyle. When you live your life out of balance there are consequences. To recover you must heal on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You must remove all toxins from your life including toxic people, toxic places, toxic jobs, toxic thoughts and beliefs. The body can heal itself, by itself.  Sometimes your body needs some extra support.  Surround yourself with loving people. Remember, it is your journey and you have to do what is best for you. Listen and trust your heart and intuition. Pray and have others pray for you.  Let food be your medicine and use treatments that do no harm.  Blessings to you on your healing journey.

In Love and Gratitude, Nancy

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