Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cancer did you have?

Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, aka: Breast Cancer.

When did you find out you had cancer?

At age 52, January 2013.

How did you know you had a problem?

I could see and feel a hard, painful lump near my nipple about the size of a large blueberry.

What did you do next?

I went to see a nurse and I got a thermogram. Then I saw a breast surgeon. He prescribed a mammogram, ultra-sound, CT-pet scan and a MRI.

Did you have surgery?

Yes, I had three surgeries.   I am not a big fan of surgery but if it can buy you some time and give you peace of mind then it serves a purpose.

Did surgery cure you of Cancer?

No, surgery removed the tumor.  I worked on boosting my immune system, increased my exercise level, changed my diet to organic, GMO-free foods, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts, herbs, supplements, juicing, detoxifying therapies, increased my ph to a more alkaline state and balanced my hormones to reduce my high estrogen levels.

Did you do any traditional therapies like Chemo and Radiation?

The Surgeon and Oncologist strongly suggested I do Chemo.  I refused to do Chemo.  I did 10 Radiation treatments in Sedona that included massage, reiki and reflexology. Once per month I got a bone hardening shot and an estrogen blocker shot. Daily, I took an estrogen blocker drug.

What do you do you eat now?

I eat only organic, non-GMO,  vegetables, large salads, healthy fats, sprouts, nuts, seeds and some fruits.  I drink only purified water that is high in alkalinity.

In the morning for breakfast I will make a super organic power shake made up of chia seeds, barley grass, wheat grass, spinach, kale, parsley, dandelion leaf, broccoli, cilantro, sea greens: spirulina, chlorella and dulse, vitamin C, turmeric and unsweetened coconut milk. I do eat eggs and salsa and sometimes oatmeal.

At lunch I will have a big salad with spinach, butter lettuce, red onions, sprouts, avocado, cukes,  and pumpkin seeds.

For dinner I will make a brown rice stir fry or spanish brown rice.

I drink only purified water,  coconut or almond milk, green tea and the fresh juice that I  make.

What are the factors that contributed to your cancer?

I  ate a poor diet that was high in sugar, drank alcohol, elevated estrogen levels, overly acidic ph level, dehydration, insomnia, high level of toxins, worked the night shift, and excessive stress levels.

What supplements did you take?

Beyond Fiber, Longevity Plus

Dr. Gordon’s Organic Best of Greens, Ph Balanced

Chia Seeds

Green Tea

IP-6 with Inositol


Triple Bee Complex

Vitamin D3

Indole 3 Carbinol

Vitamin E


My Community with 17 organic Chinese mushrooms by Host Defense


The following products by Natura:

Immuncare II


Cell Guardian


Botanical Treasures

What did you use for markers/monitoring?


Pet/CT Scans


MRI’s every six months

Doctor visits as needed

For Blood Work: Serum zinc, circulating tumor cell search, adrenal panel, high sensitivity C-reactive protein, Vitamin D, and check hormone levels.

What other types of therapy did you try?

For Dextoxification: Exercise, Massage, Colonics, Infrared Sauna, Epsom salt baths, Coffee Enemas, Activated Charcoal & Zeolite.

To restore balance in the body: Acupuncture and Acupressure.

Hands on Healing

N.E.S.  (Nutri-Energy System)

Hyperbaric Oxygen tank

Ozone Therapy

Self-Mastery Technology


Emotion Code Work

Do you  have some tips for people diagnosed with cancer?

You are stronger then you think

Heal your emotional wounds

Quiet your mind

Drink Pure water

Boost your immune system

Detoxification of Toxins.

Avoid sugar, alcohol, fried food & junk food.

Use non-toxic health & beauty products.

Use non-toxic cleaning products.

Be willing to make healthy changes in your lifestyle & diet.

Avoid over treatment.

There is no magic bullet or pill to cure cancer at this time.

You have to use several approaches to heal the body systems that are out of balance.

Don’t use black salve for cancer.   Cancer cells are already warm and black salve can cause cancer to spread.

Don’t use Salicinium.  This is new on the market with unknown side effects.

Do some research.

Make informed decisions about your health.

Take deep breaths.

Have a good support system.

Join a support group.

Have a good healing team of compassionate, integrative doctors.

Don’t panic!


Ask for help often

Call on a higher power for help and support: God, The Great Spirit, Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Angels and Saints.

Spend time in nature getting fresh air and sunlight.

Keep your stress level low.

Rest Often.

Surround yourself with positive people.

Remember that everyone on Earth faces some type of challenge.

Focus on everything you are thankful for.

Let go of things that cause you stress.

Become consciously aware of  everything in your life: What you are thinking, eating, drinking, who are you associating with, how you are spending your time and energy.

Pray and have others pray for you.

Have radical hope, faith and trust.

Be courageous!

Face your fears.


Find joy in life!

Make a long list of  reasons why you want to live.

Make a gratitude list.

Use daily affirmations.

Practice Forgiveness.

Have a positive attitude.

Keep a journal.

Work through your resistance to making healthy changes in your life.

Keep moving forward

Make plans for living

Believe in Miracles!

Trust in God and your soul.

Don’t worry, be happy!

Live in the present moment

Laugh Often!

There is no bad outcome!

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