The To Be List By Silvia Mordini

And if you must have a To-Be List: (Better than a To-Do List)

  • Be kind.
  • Be receptive and open.
  • Be joyful. Celebrate others achievements and accomplishments.
  • Be thoughtful of others.
  • Be respectful of other people, situations, time and things.
  • Be forgiving of people, situations and yourself.
  • Be grateful and content with what you have, it is always enough.
  • Be responsible for your thoughts, emotions, body and actions.
  • Be funny, laugh a lot – even at yourself.
  • Be positive, hopeful and learn to assume the best.
  • Be generous with everything especially your time, energy, and money.)
  • Be curious, creative and actively filled with wonder.)
  • Be an active listener and hear what is not being said as much as what is not.
  • Be open to change and new perspectives.
  • Be a life long learner. Never stop growing and humbly expanding your knowledge.


Source by Silvia Mordini