8 Steps To Wellness

1. Balance your hormones through Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. This is not the same as traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy.

2. Avoid chemicals and detoxify your body at least once per year.   You need to detox twice per year if you have a health issue. You can detox through homeopathics, energy medicine, IV therapies, chelation, cleansing diets, ozone therapy and hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

3. Focus on healthy nutrition.  You are literally what you eat.

4. Create a healthy G.I. tract:  This builds a strong immune system.  Take probiotics and avoid constipation.  Colonics are a good way to clear out the G.I. tract.

5. Avoid  prescription drugs as much as possible.   Script drugs can cause inflammation and antibiotics destroy the good bacteria in your G.I. tract.

6. Take supplements.   Take good quality supplements.  It is a good idea to have them muscle tested first to ensure that they are most beneficial for you.

7. Exercise is key.   The body is designed to move daily.

8. Get proper sleep.   Sleep is needed to restore and rejuvenate the body.

Source: Suzanne Somers, Break Through