My Least Favorite Diet Plans

The Diet Plans:

Jenny Craig:  This is an expensive diet program that costs $15.00 to $20.00 per day for pre-packaged food.

Nutrisystem: This is a customized meal delivery service.  This 28 day program costs $239.00 to $329.00.

Controlled Medical Weight Loss: This diet plan is  very high in sugar and sodium and consists of expensive junk food.   I wouldn’t waste my money on this.  I tried this for a short time.

Some benefits to these programs: They teach portion control, Low in calories and they offer counseling and eating tips.

These companies are all about making a huge profits by promoting poor quality food.  The problems with these products are:

They have poor nutritional value

Are expensive

High in Carbs

High in Sodium

High in Artificial Sweeteners and artificial sweeteners are toxic.

Weight loss returns once you stop buying these products.

It is best to eat fresh organic, Non-GMO foods.  Eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. foods with a high life force energy and foods that are high in alkalinity.