Radical Remission By Dr. Kelly Turner

Dr. Kelly Turner interviewed 1,000 people from several countries that had cancer and healed their cancer.   Her project lasted 10 years.  She spoke with people who healed from cancer with out traditional cancer treatment, people who tried western medicine, but it didn’t work and people who combined conventional and complementary medicine at the same time.   She found 9 key factors that were associated with cases of remission and healing.  Get a plan for healing.  Prepare for life & living.

Nine Key Factors in Radical Remission

1. A radical change in diet

2. Taking herbs & supplements

3. Using your intuition

4. Releasing suppressed emotions

5. Increasing positive emotions

6. Embracing social support from friends & family

7. Having a spiritual practice

8. Take control of your health

9. Have strong reasons for living

Source:  Book by Dr. Kelly Turner, Radical Remission