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Prescott Doctors

I highly recommend these Prescott Naturopathic doctors who are kind, caring and compassionate.

Dr. Laura Kennedy
143 N. McCormick St. Suite 102
The Oaks Building
Prescott, AZ

Dr. Gemie Kohler McLeod
Innate Wellness & Medical Center
820 W. Aninsworth Drive, Suite B
Prescott, AZ

Dr. Robert Upchurch
Prescott Naturopathic Medical Group
810 W. Gurley St.
Prescott, AZ

Stages of Grief by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

1. Denial: You dig your heels in and refuse to accept that something has changed.

2. Anger: You are angry at people or institutions, at the audacity of life, or God for handing us something different from what we want.

3. Bargaining: You try to make a deal with life, the universe, God or a higher power, hoping to get what you want.

4. Depression: You feel that everything is futile and you sense your underlying helplessness.

5. Acceptance: Often only after we have exhausted each of the former responses are we ready to accept that change has occurred.

5 Points Of Power

1. Integrity
2. Assertiveness
3. Liberty
4. Self-Esteem
5. Responsibility

Pay attention to details, communications and feelings.

Always tell the truth quickly.
The Benefits Are:
Clear communications
Empowers self-esteem
Minimizes mistakes and problems

Ask for what you want.

Take total responsibility for your life and your choices.

Keep your agreements with yourself and others.

Source: Godfrey Enterprises Inc.