Dog Years to Human Years

2 Months= 14 months for dogs
6 Months= 5 dog years
8 Months= 9 dog years
1 year= 14 dog years
18months= 20 dog years
2 years= 24 dog years
3 years= 30 dog years
4 years= 36 dog years
5 years= 40 dog years
6 years= 42 dog years
7 years= 49 dog years
8 years= 56 dog years
9 years= 63 dog years
10 years= 65 dog years
11 years= 71 dog years
12 years= 75 dog years
13 years=80 dog years
14 years= 84 dog years
15 years= 87 dog years

A dogs peak years 3 to 5 years
A slow decline sets in at 7 to 8 years when they will seek peace and more sleep. In the Winter will like to sleep near heater.
Older dogs can become deaf, get cataracts, teeth fall out, have a hard time chewing. Give older dogs soup.

Keeping Your Dog Safe

Dogs pant to loose heat.
Panting can also be a sign of stress if they think something is about to happen.
Dogs sweat only on the pads of their feet.
Remember your dog is always in a fur coat.
In the Summertime avoid taking your dog out during the hottest part of the day.
Have plenty of water in each room or area your dog is in.
Never hit your dog for any reason.
Avoid smoking around your dog.
A dog is telling you to calm down if they yawn when not sleepy. If your dog is eye blinking, sneezing, looking away and scratching at their collar they are telling you to calm down.
Dogs have a keen sense of smell and hearing. Avoid loud music. Avoid perfume, air freshners, hair spray and strong odors.
Don’t leave your dog in a hot car.
Keep cleaning products out of your dogs reach.
Dogs are pack animals. You are their pack. If a dog is left home alone all day they will become bored, lonely, frustrated and depressed.
Have them go to doggy daycare or have a pet sitter watch them.
To avoid bloat, keep your dog calm for 1 hour after feeding.
A maze bowl will help your dog to slow down if they are a fast eater.
Don’t give your dogs sweets, alcohol, chocolate, or junk food. Best to stick to high quality dog food.
Take your dog for at least 2 walks per day.
Dogs are daytime animals.
Dogs don’t like hugs.
Supervise your dog around young children
Don’t tease your dog or bother them while eating.
Let sleeping dogs lie. Dogs are very light sleepers.

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